Capital Ideas

2016 FW
New York

Capital Ideas is a content website for daily finance news and business insights. This project, included digital rebranding and website developement, was built for Capital Group, which is an American financial services company ranked among the world’s oldest and largest investment management organizations. As a key designer of the web team in Group SJR, I was involved in the creative concept, user experience process, and responsible for website design, including art direction, userinterface design, and QA.

Project Type:
Website Design

Web/UXUI/Visual designer

Capital Group

01 Typography

02 Brand Color

03 Sitemap

04 Grid System

05 Wireframe

06 Website UI Design

07 Responsive Design

Creative Direction: David Carpenter
Art Direction: Fangyi Chu
Web Design: Fangyi Chu
UX Design: Leslie Lin